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Inspiring thoughts

Autumn forest














An arrogant intellectual, discussing complicated philosophical problems, sought to confuse the Master.

Paramahansaji said, smiling, “Truth is never afraid of questions.”

– From “Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda”

The Autumn is an opportunity for us to see clearly through the forest.  If we access our courage we can face our illusions and allow them to fall away before Winter sets in.

– Marg

A Haiku by Pauline McDonough


Yellow aspen leaves

rino on the arts


 I am still high over Tuesday’s  MODERN DANCE…OF   SANKAI JUKU..awsome..will never forget it…hope they return…

Ballet in the West…is dead ..after this…! they are still jumping on their toes..and looking very silly…! and should grow up…the Japanese..have soared to the very greatest heights…no one can match them..even some of our modern dancers…could not be so beautiful..and the same time…!

My friend had tickets..but his wife..had to work that night at the hospital….soooo little old me..was called.and he gave me an 80-dollar ticket…he prefers the Ballet…old style…I prefer the new style…but we enjoyed it…and I hope his wife gets more evening work…then I can go..!!

take care…rino ..the oldest bambino in the world..but …refuse to grow up….!!!!


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